Carp Fishing Pole

These types of fishing poles are some of the heaviest types to use. This is because they are some of the strongest that are able to catch many of the large fish in the waters. It is harder to control these because they are so heavy are designed with elastics that are between ten to twenty.

When trying to pick out the right type of carp fishing poles you need to make sure that you are aware of all there is to have. Some are used for margin fishing, distance casting, float fishing, and so much more. Like any other type of fishing pole these can be found in a variety of lengths, materials, strengths, and actions.

The length of the carp fishing pole is anywhere between ten to thirteen feet – but most people prefer the twelve foot length. However, there are times when you might have to drag the pole through tall bushes or other undergrowth. If this is the case then something slightly smaller is available and may be the better choice.

One of the most important features that this pole will have is the strength – which is also known as the test curve. This is the measure of weight that will be placed on the tip of the carp fishing pole and will curve it at ninety degrees. This is how easily the carp rod will bend underneath the pressure from the fish. The bigger the fish that you might catch the harder the weight will be.

The majority of carp fishing poles are made using carbon fiber – which makes it lightweight and also very thin. The older models are made with fiber glass – which is thicker and also much heavier. If you need to add extra strength to the lighter types than you should use Kevlar.