Cane Pole Fishing

There are many different types of fishing poles that we are able to use in one of the best past times. Most people will choose the one that has the most features and is usually the most expensive. But if you are looking to get something that is simple, easy to use, and doesn’t cost much than you will enjoy the cane pole.

This is the most traditional type of fishing pole that is made using bamboo – one of the strongest types of wood that can be used. This type of pole can be between six to sixteen feet and uses a line that is the same length as the pole that is tied to the end of it. Part of the line will be tied to one of the last rings on the pole and the other on the end of it. This makes sure that it is secure.

There are three different types of cane pole fishing that people are able to use. The most common is with a bobber, another does not have any weights called loose line fishing, and the last one has a weight called a tight line.


The bobber is a common tool used on fishing poles. It helps to give the fisherman the chance to know whether or not they have any bites or have caught anything. The minute that it is pulled under the water it means that you have a bite.

Loose Line

This is a still line that uses a hook with bait on it. This type of fishing is only done in still water – but is not able to be used in water that has a strong current. This will cause the line to come out of the water.

Tight Line

This is for people who prefer to fish in waters that have a strong current to them. There is a weight that is placed on the end of it which will help to keep the hook and the bait from coming out of the water. Though it works best in strong current water it is able to be used in still water.